Yoga Classes and Coaching

Yoga Pain Solved is an exclusive new yoga and healing center 20 minutes from Hilo in Kurtistown, that offers small yoga classes and private 1-on-1 yoga coaching and sound healing.

The word yoga, from the Sanskrit word yuj means to yoke or bind and is often translated as “union” or a method of discipline.  The Yoga classes are based on the Ashtanga yoga primary series that I have practiced for 14 years and taught in London and here in Hawaii since 2005.

The Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6pm yoga and relaxation classes are designed to build stamina through a program of physical postures to purify the body and provide the physical strength and stamina required for the more intense 90 minute  6 pm Tuesday and Thursday classes.

Yoga Coaching is about creating the future you desire.  I have decades of hands on healing experience to support you in creating a compelling vision of what you want and taking small baby steps.  By combining the 1-on-1 Yoga Coaching with proven hands on healing strategies used by top athletes  you will quickly identify and move past negative subconscious patterns and injuries to recreate your life.

Are you ready to get rapid and permanent solutions for acute or chronic pain and tissue rejuvenation?
I am an internationally recognized expert with micro-current biofeedback (way better than acupuncture, massage or rehab therapies and avoid the killer surgeries at all costs) that was dubbed the "Russian Secret Weapon" in the Australian Olympics.  Used by leading sports teams internationally and pain management centers for a very wide range of musculo-skeletal injuries with typically 91.7% cures rates.
“If you are INTERESTED in achieving something, you will do what is convenient and make up stories, reasons, excuses and delay in taking action.

When you are COMMITTED to achieving something, you will do whatever it takes. No stories, no excuses, no delaying, no whining, just doing and moving forward, even when you make mistakes or fail.”
John Assaraf

Stressed?  Then I have a solution for you.  Make your life easier with the benefits of a regular yoga practice at the end of the day to melt the stress away.